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Best Car Radio Antenna

Updated On March 17, 2021

No matter how many advancements are made in technology and new gadgets are introduced, there’s nothing like enjoying your radio station. 

But what happens when you’re unable to get a good signal. It is frustrating beyond belief but there’s a perfect solution for that. External car radio antennas can pick up AM/FM signals three times better than the car’s receiver. Here we have spent more than 40 hours compiling information and reviewing the top 5 best car radio antennas that are available.

We will also be covering the following points:

  • Quick links to the top 5 radio antennas
  • Detailed reviews of each antenna to find out what makes it special
  • Discussion on what features to look out for when buying a car radio antenna
  • Our verdict on the best radio antenna

Quick Summary: 5 Best Car Radio Antenna 

Our editors go through and research, test and qualify our recommended products. We receive commissions on purchases from certain links.

1. Herdio Waterproof AM/FM Radio Antenna

Cable Length: 54.5 inches
Mast Length: 15.7 inchesWarranty: 1 year
Range: 10 miles
Durability: Waterproof and corrosion-resistant

Our Pick

This Herdio antenna has a signal range of as much as 10 miles for boats, cars, and house usage.

Detector Highlights

A lot of different radio frequencies can be utilized so that you can enjoy all of your favorite shows and music without worrying about signal quality.

The sturdiness of this antenna is exceptional. Not just is it corrosion-resistant, it is also waterproof. So heavy rains, strong winds, and whatever else nature tosses at it, you can feel confident that it will pass with flying colors.

The best part is, it is exceptionally simple to install as this antenna has a 180-degrees Swivel base for optimum movement. The easy-to-swing back-and-forth capability assists you in changing the antenna’s direction according to your requirements so that you can have the finest reception. The possibility of angled installation enables you to mount it wherever you desire.

According to us, there’s not a better antenna out there in the market that respects the financial position of everyone and offers something that every person can afford without compromising on its already-remarkable quality. So, if you’re budget-conscious and still want to get the best of the best, there’s nothing better than the Herdio antenna.

2. Dual MAR16B Flexible AM/FM Antenna

Cable Length: 54 inches
Mast Length: 16 inches Warranty: 1 year
Range: 10 miles
Durability: Corrosion-resistant

Runner Up

This flexible and long-range marine antenna provides a range of up to 10 miles for various band frequencies so that you can switch to your favorite radio stations.

Detector Highlights

With its exceptional sound quality and outstanding ability to resist strong winds, corrosion, and other elements of nature, you can get excellent reception while driving even in the harshest of weather. 

The sealed rubber exterior of the antenna ensures your radio partner does not fall victim to the test of time. What you get as a result is a lifelong companion to entertain you by improving your radio to a level that you’ve never experienced or expected before.

Moreover, the unique design of this antenna includes a 180-degree swivel base and a 54-inch cable that makes it easy to mount in any location in no time. 

According to us, you cannot possibly get a better deal than this at the price it offers. Also taking into consideration its range and resistance against unfavorable weather conditions along with a year-long warranty, this is an absolute must-buy for anyone who takes pleasure in their car’s radio.

3. Dual Electronics MAR16W Flexible Mast Long Range Antenna

Cable Length: 54 inches
Mast Length: 16 inches Warranty: 1 year
Range: 10 miles
Durability: Corrosion-resistant

Also Great

This long-range versatile car antenna offers you a range of as much as 10 miles for all kinds of different band frequencies.

Detector Highlights

With its superior quality and commendable performance, what you receive will definitely transform the driving experience into a glamorous and delightful one.

The sound quality of this antenna is remarkable while its sturdiness is extremely good as it can hold up against anything that the weather conditions need to use. This updated sturdiness improves the efficiency of this item.

It is made out of premium rubber which is created to provide you corrosion-resistant security. To put it simply, you can feel confident that it will exist to serve you for several years to come without failing the test of time.

Together with its 54-inch cable and 16-inch mast, what you will receive is an exceptional radio reception and ease of installing in any place to ensure that you can enjoy your preferred music with ease.

According to us, this versatile and innovative antenna is amazing for its top-quality efficiency and dependability with hassle-free setup and a stress-free 1-year guarantee with extraordinary client service. If you are searching for something with great range and fantastic quality but don’t mind the high price, this is the best choice for you.

4. AntennaMastsRus – Black AM/FM Rubber Ducky 15 Inch Antenna

Cable Length: 55 inches
Mast Length: 15 inches Warranty: N/A
Range: 10 miles
Durability: Corrosion-resistant, waterproof

Also Good

This is a high quality 15 inches rubber Am/FM antenna. It was primarily developed for rough marine uses, so it’s very strong versus extreme climatic conditions.

Detector Highlights

The mast is constructed out of rubber, so it is versatile, yet sturdy enough to endure strong winds and storms.

The installation of this antenna is straightforward but very precise. It can be mounted in narrow regions as shallow as a single inch. The overall length of the antenna is 15 inches, including the base. However, its performance is equally magnificent everywhere. The base has a high-end black mountable region that makes it adjustable enough to set it at a certain angle for improved reception.

The cable of the antenna is 55 inches long with a basic Motorola radio port to plug that can be plugged into the back of all radios distributed in the USA. It has a 180-degree swivel base that can be calibrated 90 degrees in both of these directions.

According to us, this is a reasonable choice, although a little costly for the limited features it offers. The antenna is designed to be great versus all sorts of potentially damaging sources, specifically rust, water, and wind. When it comes to the manufacturer’s warranty, the pertinent information is only revealed when a customer makes a purchase and sends in a special request to the support team. Therefore, we can’t have a definite say on how long it will be and how likely you are to get it. Nevertheless, keeping in considering the company’s remarkable reputation and highly positive customer response, we’re sure you will not need to worry about anything for years to come.

5. Metra 44-US07R Mount Rubber Antenna

Cable Length: 54 inches
Mast Length: 14 inches Warranty: N/A
Range: 30-50 miles
Durability: Overall strong

Also Good

An extremely special antenna in our list is the Metra 44. This flexible and remarkably long-range antenna has a reasonable variety of features in it and a good quality that is bound to meet your requirements.

Detector Highlights

With its first-class black rubber mast, you can rest assured since the antenna’s premium quality body will most certainly endure severe weather conditions and serve you for years to come.

It has numerous mounting bases and all of them come along with the purchase. It likewise has a 14 inches detachable mast and 54 inches cable for the ease of the client. So, if you are going on a long journey and you don’t want to use the antenna right away, you can disassemble it, to make it portable and hassle-free to transport around, and reassemble the mast and the cable when you are ready to use it again.

According to us, this is an excellent antenna option if your main source of concern is the signal reception range. The only reason this antenna is at the end of our list is that it falls behind considerably in the price-features ratio. However, what sets it apart from even the #1 antenna on this list is its exceptionally long range and detachable mast. In general, it’s a good one and certainly worth-buying due to its own kind of uniqueness.

Features To Look Out For

No matter what kind of antenna you are buying and for where you wish to use it, there are a set number of features that must be present in an antenna for it to be called a premium quality product. These features are many but most of them depend on personal preferences e.g. the cost. 

However, there are some specific ones that you really ought to look out for to make the most out of your investment. These features have been listed and explained in a detailed manner below.

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Installing Options

Much like there are antennas that you can set up on your own, there are ones that need professional assistance. Thus, before purchasing an antenna, do find out how simple it is to install and repair. The latter matters as much as the former because if your antenna ever malfunctions, you should be able to fix it easily without spending money on a technician.

You should always look for antennas that are easy to set up, ones that come with instruction manuals, and are uncomplicated to install. You can, however, still, go for a complex one if you plan on hiring an expert to install the antenna. But that’s not recommended because if you ever need to remove the antenna or shift it to another vehicle, you will again be dependent on external help, which will most likely cost you unnecessary bucks.

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This is among the most crucial elements you need to think about before purchasing an antenna. No matter how effective an antenna is, you are not going to enjoy its feature if it does not work on your vehicle. For example, some very popular antennas are only compatible with trucks and jeeps. Some are so specific that they are made for a certain vehicle manufacturer only such as Ford. (1)

As a result of this, you must verify whether an antenna works with your car or not before buying it. Nevertheless, if you refer to our list only, we’ve included only those antennas that are universally compatible with almost all car brands and production years. For that reason, you will not need to stress over this aspect if you’re picking an antenna from our list.

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Copper-coiled antennas, aluminum steel antennas, and silver antennas are the 3 most popular and most resilient inner materials utilized for producing antennas. Silver-made antennas are 100% resistant to rust so that’s a great feature to have if durability is a greater concern for you.

They are likewise resistant to rust and are water-resistant. In all, their reception is outstanding. This resembles the quality of antennas made from copper. (2)

Apart from having the ability to receive and retain strong radio signals, copper-made antennas likewise ensure toughness. Antennas made with this inner product do not fade too.

Moreover, all aluminum steel antennas are developed to last long because the material is waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Antenna made from pure aluminum steels, for that reason, cannot be damaged so easily.

Likewise, they match the outlook of your car and do not contribute to any problems that would require you to hire an expert. Keeping this in mind, we suggest you purchase an antenna that is made out of any of these three materials.

Furthermore, regardless of which antenna you want to purchase, make sure that its coat is made from a rubberized texture. This is because rubber makes it flexible, elastic yet stiff, and strong at the same time. It’s the perfect mix of characteristics you’d want in a car antenna.

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Signal Strength and Reception Range

This is most likely the supreme factor every purchaser needs to think about before purchasing anything. An antenna’s reception strength determines how good its radio signal will be and therefore how likely you are to enjoy your favorite music and shows.

For that reason, you must purchase an antenna with exceptional reception strength if you want the audio output to be clear. For your convenience though, we’ve only reviewed the best of the best car radio antennas in our guide. All of these antennas have remarkable signal reception strength and outstanding range so you do not have to stress over losing a signal if you’re going on a long driving trip.

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Manufacturer’s Reputation and Credibility

Purchasing an expensive antenna produced by prominent manufacturers is better than purchasing a cheaper one from an unknown and unreliable company. What we mean by ‘prominent’ is that you must make sure that the manufacturer’s reputation and credibility are reliable before selecting them. This can be examined by customer feedbacks on their previous products and whether the overall average response is positive or not.

For your ease, once again, we’ve only included those antennas in our guide that are produced by reliable companies and those that offer at least some kind of a warranty. Even if a service warranty is not visibly pointed out on an item in this list, we’d like to assure you that we’ve still personally purchased all antennas that we’ve reviewed and received warranties on all of them. The thing that can happen in some cases, especially where the warranty is marked as ‘N/A’ is that you’ll need to contact the customer support to get your warranty activated.


There are hundreds and thousands of different antennas out there in the market. But as you may have understood after reading our guide, it is not always easy to find one that is compatible with your vehicle. We sincerely hope, therefore, that our guide of the best universally compatible car radio antennas is of great help to you. 

If we were to pick out one ultimate antenna from our list, that’d be slightly difficult because of personal preferences like budget and desired reception range as crucial factors. However, if we still had to pick our best, we’d go with Herdio’s antenna, which is the #1 in our list, because it is unparalleled in the car radio antenna market thanks to its inexpensive cost, remarkable performance, superb signal reception, and excellent range.


(1) Ford –
(2) copper -

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