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How to Mount a CB Antenna without Drilling

Updated On June 8, 2022

There are two different ways to connect a CB antenna without drilling. The first is the magnetic mount antenna, which uses a metal plate to attach the antenna to a car’s metal body. This method is excellent for anyone who wants to avoid having holes in their car, but it can be challenging to find the right parts if you don’t have the right tools (or know where to look!).

The second option is a glass mount antenna directly to your car’s windshield or rear window. This method is much easier than finding a magnetic mount antenna kit since all you need is some super glue and some skills!

Let’s discuss both in detail.

Get a Magnetic Mount Antenna

The best way to mount a CB antenna without drilling is to get a magnetic mount antenna.

A magnetic mount antenna has a magnet on the end of the antenna that will stick to metal surfaces. This allows you to put your antenna on any metal surface, such as the hood of your car or truck.

Since there is no drilling involved, you can quickly move your CB antenna from one vehicle to another without buying new hardware each time.

Mounting the Coax Cable

The coax cable is the black cord from your CB radio and connects to the antenna. It’s a standard RG-58 cable, which is flexible and easy to work with. The cable should be long enough to route through your vehicle or truck cab, or you can use a 3′ extension cable if necessary.

To mount the coax cable, first, remove the rubber insulator from the bottom of the base. That small piece of rubber sits on top of the magnet when using your radio.

Next, slide the coax cable through the center hole in the base until it reaches about 3/4 of an inch from where it exits from the backside of the base. Then push down on it until it has gone through and popped out at its end. Depending on how easily your coax slides through various materials (foam vs. metal vs. plastic), this may take some effort. Once it pops out at its end, trim off any excess cable with scissors, so there is no more than 1/2 inch sticking out from where it exits from the backside of your base.

Place the Antenna in the Best Location Possible

Place the antenna where it will have the best reception. The magnet on most antennas is strong enough to hold them in place if you hang them from a metal surface (such as a door or wall), but you may want to use double-sided tape or another attachment method if you’re worried about it falling off.

a magnet mount antenna in the car
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Mount Your Antenna with a Magnet

The most crucial step in mounting your CB antenna is to choose a good location for it. You want to find a high-up spot, but not so high that it looks awkward and out of place.

For example, some trucks use the roof rack as an antenna mount point. This works well if you have an extended cab truck and the roof rack is tall enough, but if you have a regular cab truck or SUV, this won’t work because there isn’t enough room on top of the vehicle for an antenna. (1)

Another option is to mount the CB antenna on your cab or truck bed. If you don’t have a roof rack, this may be your only option if you don’t want to drill holes into your vehicle or spend money on a custom-made mount point made specifically for your vehicle model and make/model year.

If you’re going through all of this trouble to save some money by drilling holes into your vehicle instead of buying a custom-made mount point, you should consider getting a mobile magnet base.

magnetic mount antenna with color red base
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Glass Mount Antenna

If your vehicle doesn’t have pre-drilled holes for mounting an antenna, consider using a glass mount antenna instead of drilling new holes in your vehicle’s bumper or bodywork. The glass mount antenna is perfect for trucks and SUVs. The glass mount antenna is a sleek and compact design that will not cause any obstructions to your view. It mounts to the window with a suction cup, making it easy to remove when you want to take it out of your vehicle. This type of CB antenna is also an excellent option for those who want an unobtrusive antenna that does not take too much space in their vehicle.

Antenna Wires

If you have an existing CB radio and want to add the glass mount CB antenna, then you will need to run a power cable to the antenna. The most common method is to cut off the power cord from your CB radio, strip back the outer jacket, and wire it directly into the antenna base. This will generally work just fine unless you use a very long extension cord between the radio and the antenna. If this is the case, you may notice interference or static coming from your speakers when using this method.

The other option is to add a power plug at the end of your existing power cord. This will allow you to use any length extension cord without experiencing any interference issues with your unit. You can find these at any local electronics store or online retailer. (2)

Mount the Antenna

  1. First, you’ll need to measure the distance between the top of your vehicle and where you want to mount the antenna. In general, it’s best to keep this distance between 6″ and 8″.
  2. Next, you’ll need a suction cup that fits the size of your antenna. You can find these in most hardware stores or online. They come in many different sizes, so make sure you get one that fits your antenna exactly!
  3. Finally, attach the suction cup to the top of your car or truck (make sure it’s clean first!). Then attach the other end of the suction cup to your antenna and hold it until it sticks firmly. If there are any air leaks between your car and antenna, try adding another layer of rubber around the edges where they meet so they seal better against each other when pressed together tightly enough for a snug fit without having to drill holes into any surfaces anywhere else nearby (like inside walls).

Connect the Coaxial Cable

After mounting the antenna, you can connect your coaxial cable to your amplifier by connecting one end of each wire to each terminal on the said amplifier (typically, red goes with red, and black goes with black). Then plug your antenna cable into the back of this amplifier and tighten it down by turning clockwise until it cannot turn anymore.

Before you connect the coaxial cable, it’s good to ensure that your antenna mount is secure. If there is any movement in the antenna mount, you may want to take some time and tighten it up with a screwdriver. Once you’re sure that everything is secure, simply plug one end of the coaxial cable into your CB radio and plug the other end into your antenna mount.

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