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What Direction to Point Outdoor TV Antenna

What Direction to Point Outdoor TV Antenna

Updated On June 29, 2021

So you got yourself an outdoor TV antenna? Great! But there’s still a lot of work to be done before you can begin watching your favorite on-air channels. Particularly, you’ve got to point the antenna in the right direction to reap its benefits. Read on to know how you can do that!

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How to Know which Direction to Point your Outdoor TV Antenna?

TV antennas can give you access to hundreds of channels free of cost. But to receive the signals for these channels on your TV, you’ve got to point the antenna in the same direction as the transmitter. This is easier said than done but plausible nonetheless. Here are a few simple ways in which you can know in what direction to point your outdoor TV antenna based on your location.

1. Observing the alignment of other antennas: TV antennas are more popular than you might realize. To that end, there is a high chance that various other homes in your neighborhood have also installed an antenna up on their roof. All you have to do is look for such houses and see how they have aligned their instruments.

If most of them are directed along the same course, that’s your cue. Experiment with the antenna and see if you can hit the right spot. While this trick can work in some cases, signal strength can vary from location to location.

Read on to know other ways in which you can find the ideal direction to tip the instrument.
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2. Using a signal strength meter: Signal strength meters can tell you which direction will give your antenna the best reception. These are easy to use and can be bought on a shoestring budget. The meters measure the signal strength by reading RF signals. The results are indicated using LEDs.

The meters can inform you which direction will give maximum signal strength to your antenna; however, it can pick a false reading due to the super-sensitivity of the antenna. This is a prime limitation of the device. Although, with trial and error, you can find the ideal course to tip the antenna. (1)
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3. Using phone apps: If all else fails, you can always rely on apps of your Android and iOS phones to know what direction to point your outdoor TV Antenna. Such apps can determine the location of the television signal transmitters and use your present location to inform in which direction the antenna should be directed. You may also be provided with a list of stations and their location. (2)

You can scroll through the list and search for the station nearest to you. Most of these apps are free of cost and are quite simple to use, as long as you follow the instructions. It is also advisable to purchase a good quality TV antenna and cable to ensure optimum reception.

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Final Words

Pointing the antenna in the right direction is as important as placing it at the right spot. Scan your roof and install the antenna in the highest place possible. Since trees and buildings can obstruct your reception, choosing an area above any interference is crucial.
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