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Why Do my TV Channels Keep Disappearing?

Updated On July 12, 2021

Do you want to enjoy your TV channels but don't have a good signal? Do you constantly face this problem? A lot of people face this problem and wonder why do their TV channels keep disappearing? We will cover leading causes that can generate this inconvenience.
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Why Do my TV Channels Keep Disappearing?

When TV channels are not being appropriately received, there are many problems. The most common include: the installation could have problems, the antenna could be damaged, or some types of interference.

1. Failure to incorporate a digital converter.
To process and receive digital signals, a TV set must work in conjunction with a digital converter. This usually happens when people make use of a digital antenna to pick up such signals. Here, you may want to check how to boost an outdoor TV antenna signal. (1)

This happens with those televisions that have been built before 2006. Those TV sets built after this date are usually compatible with both analog and digital signals. The antenna input on the TV should be selected, and then a search for appropriate channels should be performed. 

2. Incorrect antenna placement.
Some antennas provide a directional design. This means that the antenna must be oriented correctly towards the transmitting tower. When the antenna and tower are located with a direct line of sight, there may be interfering structures, and you may ask what direction to point outdoor TV antenna. Most common are hills, tall trees, and buildings that often interfere with the signal.

The best solution is to increase the height of the antenna. As the antenna is located in a higher position, it will be much easier to receive the expected signal from the transmission tower.

3. Incorrect coaxial cable.
Some components used between the antenna and the TV are subject to signal loss. It is possible to lose 30% of the received signal when the coaxial cable is longer than 100 feet. The same happens when a signal splitter provides signals to different TV sets in the home.
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The solution to this problem is to apply a distribution amplifier or a preamplifier. These devices can optimize the signal, preventing TV channels from disappearing.

To detect where the problem is with a signal splitter, the splitter must be removed, and each connection must be checked separately. It will be much easier to know precisely where a distribution amplifier should be implemented. This avoids that some TV sets may be subject to signal overload. 

4. Problems at the transmission tower.
An antenna can provide a specific effective range over a certain number of miles. Sometimes the TV transmission tower may be too far away. When the effective range of your antenna is not adequate, some TV channels may disappear.
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It can be much more efficient to purchase an antenna with a higher adequate receiving power. Especially antennas for rural areas allow you to reach much farther. Directional antennas offer a better range compared to omnidirectional antennas.

5. The antenna is damaged.
One of the most logical problems that can occur is that the antenna has suffered some damage from one moment to another. A set of repairs or steps should be considered to avoid the problem of a damaged antenna.
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The antenna connector should be tested on different TV sets to determine if the TV set is broken. The user also needs to check and look for possible damage to the outside of the antenna. After checking that all cables are correctly connected, it may be that the inside antenna is dealing with a signal blockage. 

6. There is interference.
Different factors can interfere with the reception of TV channels. Some very common interferences are 4G LTE or 5G signals. To avoid this, it is possible to have the newest antennas that provide a good level of protection against this interference. Weather conditions are another factor that could generate interference. (2)


There is no single factor or problem to answer why TV channels keep disappearing. Checking the points we have mentioned is a great start to solve this question. If you still have any doubt you can leave your comment below. 
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