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Why Does my XM Radio Say Check Antenna – Quick Fixes

Updated On June 3, 2022

An XM radio is a type of satellite radio that also offers online radio services in the United States of America and Canada predominantly.

It came into existence in 1988 and is currently managed and operated by Sirius XM Holdings. It offers radio broadcasting services that allowed people of different age groups to easily connect and enjoy music, news, and sports on-air even while on the move and without having an active internet connection.

To date, XM radio is quite a popular choice for radio in the USA and Canada.

Despite being well-renowned for being an easy-to-use and flexible choice of a radio broadcaster the XM radio has issues sometimes. One of the most common complaints among XM radio users is the check antenna issue.

If you have also faced a similar problem in the past here are some quick fixes for the Check Antenna issue:

  • Check the Antenna Mount
  • Check the Antenna Cable
  • Check the Power Adapter
  • Check the Receiver

Let us delve deeper and explore in detail the quick fixes available for the Check Antenna issue on your XM radio.

Check Antenna Mount

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One of the main reasons why your XM radio fails to work and flashes the error message ‘Check Antenna’ could be due to the antenna not being mounted properly. Ensure that the antenna of your XM radio is mounted correctly on the outside of your vehicle. Also, make sure that nothing is getting in the way of the antenna or blocking its view.

It is quite common to experience signal issues while driving through tunnels, mountains, tall buildings, or thick canopies of trees as these effectively block the inflow of signals to the antenna. However, as soon as you come out into a clear open space the check antenna issue and any associated signal problems should go away soon. (1, 2)

Check the Antenna Cable

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A bent, broken, or dysfunctional antenna cable can be the reason for the Antenna Check issue. This issue may also occur if your antenna cable is not properly connected to the cradle. Most of the issues with poor connectivity to the XM radio are mainly due to problems with the antenna cable so make sure to watch out for such issues.

The simplest fix, in this case, would be to turn off the radio unit and then turn it on after waiting for a few seconds. By restarting the antenna like this, the issue might go away if it is a one-off minor problem. Even after restarting if the ‘check antenna’ message continues to flash it means that there is some major issue with the antenna or cable, and you might even have to get it looked at by a technician or go for a new replacement.

Just to double-check do a thorough physical scan of the antenna and cables to identify any bent, broken, or damaged areas that went unnoticed. Also, ensure that it is firmly connected to the cradle without being too loose or easily removable. In case you notice any dents or damages in the antenna cable, it is best to fix it or replace it.

Alternatively, as a last resort, you can also try unplugging the antenna and reinstalling it. If the problem goes away after doing this, then you need not worry any further.

Check the Power Adapter

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If the power adapter has gone bad or the power adapter is outdated and no longer compatible with your XM radio, then you might notice the error message ‘check antenna’ appearing on the screen. If there are no issues with access to strong signals and the antenna cables are in good form, the culprit behind bad connectivity could be due to the malfunctioning of a power adapter.

You can fix this by getting your power adapter checked for any issues or bugs and if it turns out that the power adapter cannot be restored to its normal working condition, consider replacing your power adapter.

Check the Receiver

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The Check Antenna warning message could sometimes occur due to issues with the receiver. There can be instances where the receiver is not functioning properly and is unable to receive and direct any signals. If you think your receiver might be the problem, you can try getting it checked by a technician and replace it if needed.

Wrapping Up

The next time you are facing issues with your XM radio make sure to check out the methods discussed above before seeking professional help.

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